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Why is it important to have a presence in social networks?

Posted on November 19, 2015

People today don’t get home with the same questions as they did years ago.

People today don’t get home with the same questions as they did years ago. Where is the bathroom? Today they ask where there is a plug for connecting the phone and WiFi password.

This is understandable because all of us are about 4 hours per day on social networks. On our way to work, at lunchtime or after work hours. And why not ... at work if we get a birthday notification at 4 pm on a Wednesday, we bet you would view it.

Why is it important to have a presence in social networks?

Social networks are the corporate ties with users which are increasingly becoming Online Call Center Customer Centers. Answering queries from social networks, either through a form, a direct message or a # which allows further consultations has phased out the traditional 0800 gradually.

This can be seen in several sites like UPS or Banco Galicia. Both have focused on Facebook. Allowing users to consult any doubts or help when needed. This helps people to communicate by phone and not having to wait for an operator to solve a simple problem. It also helps the company to keep a record of consultations and an estimate of the most common queries.

But... What benefits we bring to social networks ?

  • Improve organic positioning. Search engines love it that people are talking about our brand in several places at once.
  • Influencers. Do you know what they are? They are people who enjoy talking about your company as if it were their own.
  • Ability to retain customers. Offline is the face to face contact, but social networking is a good sale, a happy customer with the product or with great results.
  • Knowing market trends and not wait for them to finish to implement them. The famous viral videos that stand out for their originality.
  • Promote products or services by optimizing the advertising budget for the best possible conversion.
  • See what the competition is doing. We know you're a great stalker.

Why is it important to have a presence in social networks?-2

While making the decision to be present in social networks is very simple. Before taking this important step we must take some considerations at the same time ... The most important is to have a strategy. Implying?

  • Analyze each network, to take advantage of it and not be present in those who do not give us the expected results. We need to have a brand image and the knowledge of networks that our public uses.
  • Analyze our target audience, who are you going to address and how , with what tone of voice and in what context.
  • Have a clear goal, either enterprise visibility, enhance brand image, positioning or increase sales.

Now, all this should constant and make sure your page does not become obsolete with information from previous years. To do this we need to keep updating channels, especially... top relevant content to the company and the date. Provide a response within minutes, if possible, to customers to keep their loyalty and respect for the brand. This interaction should be fluid, depending on the voice that has the company in the networks.

In Connaxis we are dedicated to studying business, to accompany them in the communication process. Those who either started on social networks or want to better their communication with other brands and objectives. We look for the online success of each client.

So please tell us, how is your online presence?

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Oscar Casanova

Country Manager Spain and Communication Consultant