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Let's Make Magic: SpaceX

Posted on December 23, 2015

The DC-3 was the first commercial airplane because it introduced, no less than 5 key inventions, to a plane.

The DC-3 was the first commercial airplane because it introduced, no less that 5 key inventions, to a plane. These inventions made it the first commercially viable airplane and the era of traveling by air began. The new industry took off like a rocket. Today, 21st of December 2015, another rocket took to the skies with a few key inventions onboard. Some technological and others aiming more towards receiving the Nobel prize for peace. Let's see why this rocket is making Magic.

Today the SpaceX rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral to bring 11 small satellites into orbit. The big technical feat was to land the first phase back on earth so that it can be reused. This will cut the price of every launch by tens of millions of dollars opening up a whole new market for spaceflight. 

The Falcon 9 is base technology for the Falcon Heavy. This is a big rocket that can bring up to 53 metric tons of gear into space. The plan is to launch many heavy rockets, with the goal to bring many more ton of gear outside of the gravitational pull of earth. They will then drag the gear to Mars in order to start the first settlement. So now settling on Mars starts to become real. That is a great invention as well. But the biggest of all inventions is still to come.

Lately the USA has legalized the ownership of property in space. So with the new capabilities of SpaceX and this new law the game is on. Russia and China understand that stealing small parts of the Ukraine or building little islands in South China Sea are mere distractions from what the USA is after. Instead of fighting over planet earth there are asteroids and planets to conquer. If only you could get there first.

This last invention might be the biggest. Elon Musk, with SpaceX, has just refocused the attention of the world on a new horizon. A paradigm shift. A new Wild West is open to receive the first new settlers.

Amazing. The first phase rocket landing today made history in many ways. This is what we call a magical solution at Connaxis. Something that was impossible, but now has been made possible, by the leverage of innovative technology and the best brains on earth.

Connaxis is focussed on bringing magic to your company. Let's see if we can also make history for you.

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Peter van Grinsven

Managing Director