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We are a digital marketing and communication agency with presence in Europe and America. Our headquarters are in the Netherlands and we have offices in Spain, Argentina and Bolivia. We have helped more than 100 clients to define and optimize their digital presence through contents, technology and creativity to achieve the maximum visibility and influence for their projects.

We have broad experience collaborating with international organizations such as United Nations or the European Commission. We have carried out fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America for them.

At Connaxis, we strive for a structured, competitive and international environment that ensures equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, religion or sexual orientation.
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Online success

Strategy is key to any business. Before start communicating, we must know very clear to WHOM, WHAT and HOW we are going to communicate. Consequently we use our own methodology that starts with a workshop that we conduct together with the marketing or communication team of the client to develop the digital growth process. We are specialized in the conceptualization, design and execution of marketing and communication plans, content generation, community management, digital marketing, graphic design and web development.