RIVER-EU (“Reducing Inequalities in Vaccine uptake in the European Region – Engaging Underserved communities”) is a 5-year (2021-2026) project that collects evidence on health system determinants of high and low vaccine uptake, which will be used to identify and develop interventions to increase trust in the health system and to reduce barriers to vaccine uptake.

Conceptualisation, design and implementation of the communication strategy for disseminating the project’s activities and results among policy makers, the research community, health practitioners and other key stakeholders.

Monitoring and analysis of the digital environment, definition of goals, key performance indicators and action plans. Project management, including in-country missions, for the implementation of the communication plan in underserved communities in the target countries: Refugees in Greece, Turkish and Moroccan adolescents in the Netherlands, Ukrainian community in Poland and Roma community in Slovakia.

Event coverage: Photographic and audiovisual recording. Conducting interviews with researchers and key stakeholders. Delivery of training in knowledge translation.