Integrated Web Solutions
for Online Business Success

Successful business synergy happens when different services come together to achieve high-value results. Connaxis fuses our clients’ industry knowledge with comprehensive, cost-effective, and diverse professional web services to achieve their online goals. The outcome of a strategic partnership with Connaxis allows businesses to create value, reduce costs, and stay competitive.

A Creative Web Company
with Full-Service Solutions

Connaxis provides four interactive services: web design, web development, internet marketing, and online business support. These highly-integrated services allow Connaxis to maximize our clients’ project values through comprehensive internet solutions.

Smart partnerships
for Long-Term Online Results

Connaxis benefits from Buenos Aires, Argentina's unique qualities to offer highly-skilled and low-cost web services within western business hours. Having easy access to quality IT and web services for lower costs helps our client’s businesses intelligently secure their future online success.

Multilingual Web Services
in Six Major Languages

Our professional and diverse team of multilingual experts from the United States, Europe, and South America allow Connaxis to offer interactive services in the following major European Languages:

  •   English
  •   Spanish
  •   French
  •   Portuguese
  •   German
  •   Dutch



Project: Choosa
Description: Creative Crowdsourcing Website
Services Provided: HTML & CSS, Web, CakePHP, Graphic, Website Support, JQuery, SEO, Customer Care, Media Planning, Online Advertising, Flash, Conversion Optimization, Social Media Marketing, 3D


Project: Unamic/HCN
Description: Community Platform
Services Provided: Flash, SEO, Conversion Optimization, Web, Online Advertising, 3D, MODx, HTML & CSS, Media Planning


Project: Dynamic Chairs
Description: Corporate Website
Services Provided: Graphic, Flash, Web